Evelyn Hornberg

Evelyn Hornberg (Plan Mee mit Eva Borrmann)

Evelyn Hornberg is a dancer, actress, choreographer and teacher, born in 1980.


Born in Westphalia’s Teutoburg Forest, Evelyn started her dancing and acting career at the Theater Bielefeld. There she danced for choreographers such as Gisa Werkowska, Wolfgang Geisendoerfer, Maria Haus and Philip Landsdale. At the same time her interest in acting led her path to Kleines Theater Bielefeld and Theaterlabor im Tor 6. Since then the connection between dance/movement and language/play continue to be one of Evelyn’s main interests.


After graduating in sport science and educational studies from the university of Bielefeld, Evelyn completed her actor’s training and dance education in Nuremberg. Since she has been dancing at the Staatstheater Nürnberg in pieces choreographed by Joshua Monten, Laura Scozzi, Markus Bühlmann, et al.


Since 2009 Evelyn is working as a teacher for classical ballet and modern dance. She enjoys choreographing for professional dancers as much as working with kids and teenagers, for example within Nuremberg’s Blaue Nacht 2013. Being a happy young mom, Evelyn has a special interest in sharing her knowledge and love of art with a younger generation. Motion studies in the field of biomechanics, commedia dell’arte and pantomime are a major inspiration for her present works.