Love of violence


PLAN MEE addresses the phenomena of social and cultural violence in its projects. The term “violence” and the treatment of the theme act as an incentive to examine patterns of social and cultural behaviour which are affected both overtly and covertly by violence. In order to do this we take current phenomena and rituals as a base for our research and examine them. Subsequently we position our results within an abstract scenario, in order to be able to observe subjects, objects and symbols out of context.


Love of the moved


In all our work it is the human body which acts as material, starting point and research object, and which we use to present our aims on the stage. We’re looking for mechanisms and phenomena in both society and culture which consciously and subconsciously form and change the body and make it follow set patterns of action. The analysis of external factors influences both the inner movement processes of, and the systems created by, the performers. We attempt to paraphrase and abstract these patterns of behaviour and then place the resulting movement material within a hyper-real context using the rhythms of time, light and space. 


Love of time


We consider the use of the device of deceleration to be a very effective method of presentation and it has become a trademark of our work. In opposition to the age we live in, marked by a state of permanent overstimulation, we want to create a theatre which offers time for reflection and experience. Utilizing suspense as a tool, we attempt to maintain the dramatic tension, both in the movement and the dramaturgy of our pieces. 


Love of theatre


We regard the theatre as a place of ceremony, in which the audience goes through a process of transformation and leaves the theatre changed by the experience. The observer should feel his or her accepted sense of reason challenged. The theatre offers, like no other place, a platform to experience events which are far removed from the everyday and the normal.