Being “best of” remote-control: Optimize yourself!

To reach this promising level of fulfillment guidance is provided by an innumerable number of mentoring books, life-style blogs and enhancement-Apps. The question on the how to “be the best you could be” remains open. We are exposed to a society- imprinted expectancy dictating to work-out the self to obtain the desirable label “enhanced being”. We seek to be pop, to be fed with likes, to feel special, individual and perfect. Automatized systems promise to unlock the doors. Behind the path for being improved is waiting. The key is: Follow advises on how, when and in which grade of intensity mental and physical exercises need to be done, when to sleep, what to wear, what to buy, what to eat, hear, watch and feel. Social network-bots will suggest the best-match for a successful partnership. We swipe ourselves through the world. We are searching for love? The desired individuality is turned into a schedule along a life-preset that brings the epiphany of being valued. The ones who refuse are excluded. They remain outside of the system and might feel alone. But they might feel something.

After the successful performance of “Gloria”, once more Eva Borrmann, Larissa Rosa Lackner and Florina Speth put a sharp focus on methods that monitor and interfere our private lives and how these methods impact our body sensation.




Director and Photo: Larissa Rosa Lackner

Dance and Choreography: Eva Borrmann
Music and Composition: Florina Speth 

Assistant: Sophia Baumann

Costume: Vroni Speth

Set designer: Christoph Bartsch

Light: Stephan Scheiderer

Video: Alexander Hehn


Venue: Künstlerhaus im KunstKulturQuartier, Nürnberg
Premiere: November 2015

Duration: 50 min.


Sponsors: Tafelhalle im KunstKulturQuartier, Zuschüsse der Stadt Nürnberg, Tanzzentrale Nürnberg/Fürth e.V.