BIGGER THAN THE UNIVERSE by and with Eva Borrmann, Layla Naomi Loebel, Elise Ludinard, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Alexandra Rauh and Lena Schattenberg.


For BIGGER THAN THE UNIVERSE, choreographer Eva Borrmann has selected five international artists and sent them on a search for the supernatural, the inexplicable and the mysterious. Six fascinating solo works emerge from their individual exploration of different spiritual practices, opening up the conventional theatre framework. The theatre space is transformed into an installative cosmos in which various artistic positions are presented, which make it possible to experience an image of spirituality in very different ways through body, movement and sound. The audience is invited to move freely through the space, approach the protagonists, surrender to the special atmosphere of the evening and expand their own horizons of perception.


Concept/Choreografie/Performance: Eva Borrmann

Choreografie/Performance: Elise Ludinard, Lena Schattenberg, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Layla Naomi Loebel, Alexandra Rauh

Stage Design/ Costume: Daina Kasperowitsch

Assistenz: Tina Abbasi

Creative Producer: Dirk Förster

+ Team Tafelhalle


Duration: 90 min.

Venue: Tafelhalle Nürnberg

Premiere: 09. November 2023


Dieses Projekt wird ermöglicht durch den Bayerischen Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) aus Mitteln des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Stadt Nürnberg, Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg/Fürth e. V.. Diese Produktion ist eine Kooperation mit der Tafelhalle Nürnberg im Rahmen der Impulsförderung der Stadt Nürnberg.