Inflated bodies storm onto the stage. Each kitted out with his or her own personal protective clothing, an AIR BAG, our four protagonists seem to be invincible. Their AIR BAG makes them appear taller, broader and more powerful than they really are, and they have literally surpassed their own limitations. They are safeguarded against any physical or emotional impact. Their extraordinary skills could almost be mistaken for those of super heroes….But what is hidden behind these dazzling cushions of air? Isn’t there a vulnerable centre inside every shell?
„AIR BAG – ready to burst“ examines the increasing  demands made on young people growing up and the fears that accompany this period in life. At the same time our performers tell the stories of their own personal AIR BAGS, how they were formed and how they developed.

Choreographer, Eva Borrmann, and her team  of four dancers explore how fear can be defied by imagination. Perhaps fear and imagination are mutually dependant, just as the children’s book author, Erich Kästner,  conjectured when he wrote: „If someone possesses no fear then he possesses no imagination.“


An stage production for children 8+.

This production was also produced as an interactive film due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Choreography/Concept: Eva Borrmann Eva

Dance: Chris Jäger, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Stephanie Roser, Lena Schattenberg 

Film/Video: Alex Hehn, Jessica Hehn

Dramaturgy: Katharina Simons

Voice: Rebecca Kirchmann

Stage: Eva Eidinger

Costume: Annelies Vanlaere

Lightdesign: Sasa Batnozic

Assistance: Miriam Sapio


+ Team Tafelhalle 


Duration: 45 min.

Venue: Tafelhalle/ Nürnberg

Premiere: Dezember 2021


Sponsors: Dieses Projekt wird ermöglicht durch den Bayerischen Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT) aus Mitteln des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kunst und wird unterstützt durch das NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ – STEPPING OUT, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen der Initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Hilfsprogramm Tanz, der Stadt Nürnberg, der Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg e.V., und der Tafelhalle im KunstKulturQuartier Nürnberg sowie dem Kulturrucksack Nürnberg