For people age 8+

A group of eleven performers sets off into the world to learn to fear. They have all been bitten by the wanderlust bug. They have put on their outdoor clothing and are equipped for any weather, any adventure, any obstacle:
They sweat, wrestle, melt, take off, get carried away, get lost, stumble, grow, blossom, are thirsty, laze around, stroll around, balance, climb, let themselves fall and sprint off.
WANDERLUST celebrates the community as a place of belonging, shared experiences and the feeling of being tiny in the big world without feeling (inwardly) small. The performers are always on the move and in search of a place out there in the distance.

The production was created in collaboration with the students of Mind.and.Dance Nuremberg.



Concept/Choreografie/ Stage Design Costume:

Eva Borrmann

Production Management: Francesca Imoda

Performance: Students of Mind.and.Dance

Outside Eye: Friederike Engel, Dörte Kordzumdieke


Duration: 50 min.

Venue: Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG, Theater Pfütze Nürnberg

Premiere: 26. June 2024